TMK Tahiti is a team of dedicated and passionate people who master all aspects of image-making and content production.
We are photographers, cinematographers, editors, technicians and creatives with a ton of experience inspired by nature,
beauty and adventure. We offer all-in-one solutions for all your visual needs.

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A world-renowned photographer. He is the main shooter
for all photography and cinematography projects.
He handles everything from directing, D.O.P,
location scouting, production and marine coordination.
He also operates the land and drone gimbal, and his underwater Seabob.
Born in Sydney and raised in France, Tim has lived in Tahiti since 2002.


Production Manager / Swiss Army Knife/ Directing / Casting / Producing / Art Direction / Retouching / BTS shooter/ Make-up...
These are just a few of her skills. Stephanie was born and raised
on the Island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean before working in London
as an underwater and beauty model for 10 years.
She has also lived in Tahiti since 2002 - because she is married to Tim!


Head drone Pilot and technician
at TahitiFlyShoot. Yannick is our fearless pilot with over 20 years experience flyng and building RC devices. Born on the Island of Reunion,
he was raised on the island of Raiatea.


Director of partner company TahitiFlyShoot, specialized in aerial photo and video drone services. Mike is an offset printing and Mac platform specialist. He handles anything from D.I.T, retouching, color grading, drone gimbal operator/ BTS shooter. Born and raised in Strasbourg, France, Mike has lived
in Tahiti since 1996.


Will is our young genius assistant /intern/ trainee. We always welcome his help and input
in photography, marketing, social media and web. Will was born in L.A. and is currently studying at Washington University.


Editor, director, cinematographer, guitar player and bon vivant. Marco was born in Paris and although he has been living in Tahiti for 20 years he still lives exactly as if he were still in Paris.


Creator of the Tahiti Waterman Tour and Ironmana festival on Bora Bora.
He is our in-house ‘waterman’ and handles everything from grip, props, wardrobe, athlete training, models and events. Born in Cassis, France, he has lived in Tahiti, mainly
on Bora Bora, for the last 20 years.


Surfing legend,Tahitian ambassador, marine coordinator, jetski safety and Teahupoo specialist. If we are shooting close to waves, Raimana Von Bastolaer is part of our team.
Future president of French Polynesia!

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